Technologies and Innovations

Breathing pumice



Double effect of "Breathing Pumice"

Similar to a respiratory rhythm, the porous pumice stone absorbs the water from the road first and then releases it again, hence the name "Breathing Pumice".

This new rubber mixture abrades icy road surfaces and simultaneously absorbs water from the ground. This serves to significantly improve the driving force.


1. Pumice is a porous inorganic rock which emerges from volcanic eruptions due to the extremely high temperatures (over 1000 ° Celsius).

2. Rubber surface with Breathing Pumice microparticles 

nur spec

The NUR-Spec* structure consists of a double-reinforced, endlessly divided, revolving nylon band

Five years of development and thousands of racing and test kilometres have shaped our new flagship AZENIS FK453. The striking profile design is primarily characterised by three wide and one narrow longitudinal groove. In conjunction with the ribs integrated into the tyre shoulder, which better cut through the water film, the new profile enables high-volume water drainage and ensures an excellent aquaplaning resistance. The NUR Spec structure, consisting of a continuously coiled cover layer and a second layer of coverage in the shoulder area together with the rounder shape of the tyre shoulder, which increases the ground pressure of the tread, provides significantly improved directional stability at high speeds. The increased rigidity of the side walls enhances cornering stability and the phase-shifted profile blocks reduce the noise level. We have addressed the challenging balance between the desire for a soft tyre with good traction even on wet roads and long service life and high mileage through the use of a new rubber mixture with high silica content. In addition, the higher silica admixture in the new NUR Spec rubber mixture creates improved handling and a perfect grip in all road conditions without exception. In other words: The AZENIS FK453 is the ambitious outcome of our decades of racing.

*NUR Spec: Rubber mixture and design have been developed on the basis of insights gained during the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring.


1. The rounder shape of the tyre shoulder optimises the ground pressure of the tread, resulting in significantly improved stability at high speeds.

2. The NUR Spec structure consists of a double-reinforced, endlessly divided, revolving nylon band.

3. Nylon strap shoulder bands

Special eyes


Special Eyes: Falken has developed a new system that informs the driver about tyre wear

The special eyes stop the guesswork about when the time has come to replace the tyres by providing reliable indicators which are embedded directly into the tyres.

The Falken ZIEX ZE914, ZIEX ZE912 and SINCERA SN828 have small, eye-shaped cavities on the surface of the profile, which change shape with increasing erosion, easily and reliably indicating the right time to replace a tyre.