Street art campaign: FALKEN and Offenbach University of Art and Design create joint art project at Nürburgring 

Tyre manufacturer FALKEN teams up with Offenbach University of Art and Design in an art project with a difference: a 5,000-square-metre 'illustration on asphalt “Under our 'Masters of Excitement' banner, we engage in branding activities in motorsports, in the Red Bull Air Race and in football, focusing on performance and inspiration", explains Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing Europe at FALKEN. “Now we're seeking to express this 'Excitement' from our brand world in a new, different and stunning way." 2016 saw the tyre manufacturer presenting this briefing to the Institute for New Communication at Offenbach University of Art and Design. The two partners developed the idea of creating an illustration using a drifting car. The result was a 'drift picture' almost 5,000 square metres in area, which will now be publicly debuted by the University of Art and Design in Rüsselsheim at the Hessentag 2017 festival. To realise the project – which was well outside normal routine for the University – a special drawing and illustration course was launched in the Conceptual Design faculty. The twelve students on the course were quick to grasp that the task would call on more than their creativity and design abilities. Given that the car was the central factor, their ideas had to take technical parameters such as turning circles and wheelbase into consideration. The students were assisted by a newly developed computer program that simulated drift patterns and vehicle behaviour, enabling them to create an array of widely varied drafts. Finally, a sketch by student Fabia Matveev was chosen as the basis of the project. It showed a bird's-eye view of a child apparently playing with a toy car. “I was inspired by exploring the dimensions involved in the process," explains Fabia Matveev. “A sports car with squealing tyres carving out tracks in the ground is a highly imaginative image that particularly fascinates children. Now we've recreated that idea on a whole new scale, using a real Ford Mustang 5.0 TI GT!" The idea was transformed into reality in October 2016, in an appropriate setting; the 'canvas' was the drivers' paddock at Nürburgring race track, while the 'brush' was a 421-hp Ford Mustang. FALKEN test driver Michael Stenten took the role of drift artist and illustrator. Working closely with project leads Nikolas Brückmann and Yuriy Matveev, he spent two days performing high-precision drifts over the Nürburgring asphalt, creating the illustration line by line. “The Drift Picture project gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in interdisciplinary work which incorporated aspects we normally never encounter in our studies", enthused Yuriy Matveev from Offenbach University of Art and Design. But the project delivered far more than an enormous image. The street art project was extensively documented in photographs and film footage, and will now receive its public debut during the 10-day Hessentag 2017 (Hesse Festival) in Rüsselsheim at the information stand run by Offenbach University of Art and Design. Visitors can create their own illustrations at the stand with the help of a computer program. The project will also be featured in FALKEN's further brand communication, and will be showcased in the company's social media channels.