FALKEN video “Masters of Excitement” from the 24h-Race at Nürburgring

“A place that turns a team into a family – to follow in the footsteps of the greatest masters of excitement". It's a quotation that aptly sums up Falken's new video of the 24h-Race at Nürburgring. The tyre brand has assembled stunning footage of the toughest race in the world that captures all the challenges, emotions and superhuman performances involved in the event. Beginning with a tribute to the legendary Nürburgring, home to motor racing for the past ninety years, the film then turns the cameras on the FALKEN BMW and FALKEN Porsche race teams. 2017 was the first year that a team had sent two modern GT3 vehicles of different marques to the starting-grid. Previously unreleased footage from on-board cameras provide gripping impressions from the forefront of the racing action. Mood shots from the pit lane and spectacular night sequences brilliantly convey the unique atmosphere of the 24h-Race. This year, FALKEN once again sent up a camera helicopter to deliver a bird's-eye view of events on and alongside the racetrack. Filming involved a total of eight cameras, four ATVs, a helicopter and an array of drones supplied by Falken's technology partner, DJI. DJI's Gimbal Ronin 2 camera made its global debut at the race, giving an exclusive glimpse of its capabilities five months before the official market launch. Tech geeks may be interested in knowing that the cameras used in filming were RED Epic Dragons in 6K Raw, RED Ravens in 4.5K Raw and ARRI Amiras. A total of 30 hours or 15 terabytes of unedited footage ended up in the cutting suite –enough to fill almost 3,000 DVDs. “Our team-based battle, with TEAM FALKEN BMW going head to head against TEAM FALKEN Porsche, was driven by incredible dynamics right from the start. Before the race, the drivers faced off in a variety of disciplines, from fitness to precision – the perfect way of building the atmosphere for the big race to follow. Turning to the Nürburgring itself, the film presented the essence of the Falken brand and the people behind it – their heart and soul, fighting spirit and incredible team performance that was rewarded with a top ten place", says Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing at Falken Tyre Europe. As part of the “Masters of Excitement" campaign, the video can now be viewed on all Falken media channels.