The Top Model From FALKEN: AZENIS FK510 Now for SUVs as Well

FALKEN is expanding its Ultra High Performance range of tyres. Beginning in 2017, the FALKEN's flagship, AZENIS FK510 will also be available as an SUV tyre. Falken is thus continuing its strategy of supplying an extensive range of products in profitable and high-growth segments. Since its introduction in March of 2016, the AZENIS FK510, for cars, has been winning over more than just sporty drivers. The testers from the automotive magazine are impressed by it as well. They distinguished the tyre with the rating “Highly Recommended" in their 06/2016 issue. The German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTÜ) also issued a “Highly Recommended" rating. A new, innovative casing design ensures precise handling behaviour for the AZENIS FK510 SUV, especially in cases of sudden load shifts while driving. The more circular casing profile increases the flexibility of the side wall, which results in a high degree of driving comfort and more balanced overall driving characteristics. Just like the car model of the tyre, the AZENIS FK510 SUV has “blade sipes" to reduce instances of aquaplaning. Several small incisions in the tread bar optimises the contact area of the tyre when steering and allows more efficient penetration of standing water on the road. Just like the model for cars, the AZENIS FK510 SUV is equipped with “Adaptive Constant Pressure" technology, and has a tyre tread that maximises consistent pressure distribution across the contact patch. The ACP tread (Adaptive Constant Pressure) increases braking performance, directional stability and overall driving dynamics. In addition to its excellent braking properties on wet surfaces, the AZENIS FK510 SUV is also characterised by long service life. Thanks to 4D Nano Design Technology, FALKEN engineers were able to develop an innovative rubber compound for the FK510, which provides improved wear life in addition to enhanced grip. “The AZENIS FK510 SUV provides everything for the modern SUV driver with a high standard of driving dynamics, very short braking distances and very good aquaplaning characteristics," says Andreas Giese, Manager Product Planning at Falken Tyre Europe. He goes on about the introduction of the new tyre, “We are confident that the tyre will be well-received among SUV drivers, just like the model for cars was well-received by drivers". Starting in January 2017, the AZENIS FK510 SUV will be available in 19 sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches and will come with a speed rating of W or Y.