Top FALKEN AZENIS FK510 tyre model now available in new sizes

Tyre brand FALKEN has added further tyre sizes and tyre models to its portfolio for the new season. From this spring, the company's high-end AZENIS FK510 will be available in 66 sizes compared to the previous ten. FALKEN's best-selling tyre has won a Top 3 place in the large-scale summer tyre tests performed by major German motor magazine AUTO BILD. The FALKEN Azenis FK510 convinced also testers at German motoring magazine Autozeitung, who awarded the AZENIS FK510 the rating of “Highly recommended" in the 6/2016 issue. The tyre also received a “Highly recommended" from the German technical inspection association, Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung (GTÜ). “Our addition of 56 new sizes to the AZENIS FK510 range reflects the continuing popularity of our UHP tyres", notes Andreas Giese, Manager Corporate Planning at Falken Tyre Europe, about the portfolio expansion. A further addition to the FALKEN range is the LINAM VAN01, a summer tyre tailored to light vans and light trucks which will be available from spring 2017 in 21 sizes. The winter tyre range has also grown with the arrival of the EUROWINTER VAN 01 in April 2016; likewise designed for light vans and light trucks, it is available in 17 sizes. The FALKEN Tyre and Pattern Digest contains precise information about all the company's tyres as well as interesting information about Falken Tyre Europe – such as the new key visual for the AZENIS FK510 SUV, showing a Grand Cherokee fitted with the tyres, and a double-page spread about the company's sponsorship activities. The Tyre and Pattern Digest can be downloaded from FALKEN's websites and is currently available in German and English, with a further 19 languages will follow. The printed version will be sent out to tyre dealers in the coming weeks.